Medicamerc, being established in the Generic Oncology sector, proceeded to further expansion of the Therapeutic Areas that is involved.


Currently the range of products that are available in the Greek, EU and Outer market are :



-          PAXITAL ( paclitaxel) , for Ovarian Ca, Breast Ca, N.S.C..Lung Ca, and AIDS related Kaposi Sarcoma

-          MITOXAN ( mitoxantrone) for Breast Ca, Leukemia, Lymphomas

-          MEDIGEM (gemcitabine HCl) for Ovarian Ca, Breast Ca, Lung Ca., GI ca.



-          ADIFEN (tamoxifen) for hormonal Breast Ca

-          ANTIPROS (flutamide) for prostate Ca

-          ZOLITRAT  (anastrozole)  for hormonal Breast Ca

-          NOVIBLOCK ( nebivolol) - cardiovascular


DEVELOPMENT   -  Product Portfolio

The future involvement will be in



The Medicamerc team has already concluded the discussion, contracts and approval / pricing of the Generic Cardiology products. These products are manufactured from prestigious EU manufacturers and will be in the market early in 2012.



The company is under discussion to represent major Generic Pharmaceutical companies from EU for a range of products in CNS. It is estimated that this Unit will be effective in the last quarter of 2012.


New products