MEDICAMERC S.A., since February 2008 is being in charge of the MARKETING, PROMOTION and DISTRIBUTION of the following Oncology Products:



1) ADIFEN ( tamoxifen citrate  TABS 20mg/TAB )

BT x 30 (BLIST 3x10)





2) ANTIPROS( flutamide   TABS  250mg/TAB )
BT x 30 (BLIST 10x3)






3) MEDIGEM( Gemcitabine Hydrochloride cs.sol.inf. 10mg/ml )

BT x 1 VIAL (200mg)

BT x 1 VIAL (1000mg)





4) MITOXAN( mitoxantrone hydrochloride cs.sol.inf. )
BT x 1 VIAL x 20mg/10ML







5) PAXITAL( (paclitaxel cs.sol.inf.  6mg/ml )

BT x 1 VIAL (30mg) x 5ML (MONODOSE)







BT x 1 VIAL (100mg) x 16.7ML (MULTIDOSE)






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