Since 2006, MEDICAMERC along to the Wholesale activity, by foreseeing the pharmaceutical development in time, and in combination to the International socioeconomic conditions, developed a plan and strategy of horizontal development  in sections that could work additionally to its primary activity ( wholesale ).


Primary purpose was to cover the following sections

  • Pharmaceutical market research
  • Production in specialized European centers/manufacturers
  • Innovation
  • Logistic development
  • Provision of know-how

which could act alone or in combination to the increase of sales and to customer/s needs.


Furthermore, create the conditions and set base for activity in European and Other countries level, in order to be independent from Hellenic economy.



In due time, MEDICAMERC will move to its new premises, where Secondary packaging will be performed, according to company’s and customers needs



ISO 9001

Medicamerc is under implementation and operation of ISO 9001:2008


New products